The best things in the world are the most difficult.

You have to be the best. There is no other choice.

I know you are struggling. You only clicked on this article because you think there may be a solution to your problem. Well, for those who need a shortcut from this article, those people can leave. This article is to make you realize why isn’t that you are achieving something and how to have that mindset with some great examples. Read on…

Let’s start by simple example.

I hope you have listened to or read at least one story of how the millionaire guy/girl living in California made his wealth. I mean how his/her parents die when they were little and how they learned all by themselves to see where they are right now?

If you have, then you may either doubt that story or you got inspired. The point isn’t that if you believe the story or not. Point is and I quote “That person who is a millionaire today had to face dire situations to get from zero to here.”

Now, let me ask you one question.

What would you do if I put you in a situation where you have to live with the person you hate and that too without internet?

Most of you may say, I can handle that. But, can you? What would you do? Cry about it daily? Fight? Curse? Try to take your or their life?

Lots and lots of possibilities. But what would you do if I told you that this is a test and if you pass this, you will come out a better and more successful person? See. That will activate some synapses. You will, at least, try to behave differently and cope up with the blood-boiling scenes. And if you stay a little longer who knows you may even start liking them. Trust me:

The best things are the most difficult.

Another situation. You want to buy and drive an Audi. You can buy either with the money your father gave you or…

You work day and night. You use your creative mind to come up with ways to make more money so that you can afford that Audi. Finally you have all the money to buy your dream car. And you do buy it. First, tell me the difference between the feelings of when you bought it with your own money VS when you bought it with your Dad’s? Second, what did you learn from all the sacrifices, hard-work, smart-work that you did in this process? The contacts you made, the things you learned, which by the way, will help you in your future as well.

Isn’t it quite fascinating how our life changes if we change our attitude towards a thing we don’t like? The result: Best thing happen. 

Right now, your goals may not make any sense to other people, and maybe even to you. It doesn’t have to. Take that from me. I have been in situations you don’t want to be, but in the end they worked out to be fine, and even great sometimes. I personally believe that you have to believe in your goal before you get to the part of not-making-sense, because if you don’t believe and it doesn’t make any sense, please don’t do it. You know why? Because, in the journey you will always keep doubting yourself and you will, not give your all in. You will not be bold and confident enough in your actions.

There are two things you need to keep in mind, and listen very very carefully:

  1. Don’t let the time bother you (results-oriented)
  2. Give it some time (macro-patience)


I can guarantee that most of you may not have heard about this concept. If you focus on results, then you will focus on the output, which apparently is what you desire. But, focussing on the time will make you anxious and nervous on why haven’t you achieved your goal yet. Now, I am pretty sure you have heard about the game Pokemon Go which was a huge success all over the world. It took 20 years to the creator of Pokemon Go, John Hanke, to create this overnight success.


As Gary Vaynerchuk says,

It’s all about micro-Speed and macro-Patience.

Give it time. It will come. It is simple. It is not easy. You have to fall in love with the process. You don’t have to care what other people think about you or your goals for that matter.

Remember this: There will always be someone to drag you down.

And, that’s just one out of many you will come across on your path to great success. Again, great success reminds me of:

Great success requires Great Sacrifices. Period.

There is no way around that. You need to hustle, day and night. You will lose best-friends (I lost one recently) and family. You and your family will be in the same house yet not together. I mean this is extreme. But that is only for those who want extreme success. They are willing to put everything on the line.

Elon Musk was once asked, “What are you willing to put on the line?”

Elon Musk: “Everything that people hold dear.”

I recently read an article (full article) by Zdravko Cvijetic where he says an amazing thing about consistency:

If necessary, sacrifice the Quality, and the Quantity, for the sake of CONSISTENCY.

You have to have to fail. There is no other choice. You need to go through the tunnel of failures before you reach the hill station of success.

Bringing it all together…

  • micro-Speed and macro-Patience.
  • Consistency is the key. If you are having difficulty starting, just worry about the consistency, and compromise with the quality and quantity for now.
  • Great success requires great sacrifices.
  • Ask yourself, “What are you willing to put on the line?”
  • Be results-oriented. Now that doesn’t mean that you have to give all your time on something you don’t understand. Sometimes if it doesn’t work out you have to let go. Just because you have invested time in it doesn’t mean you have to drown with it.
  • Get out of your sad and comfy room. Go out and make contacts.
  • Always enjoy what you are doing. Because believe me, you will not understand how these years went by and you are suddenly 70 years old.
  • Last but not least, Keep smiling. 🙂

Thank You guys for reading. Hit the love if you liked. Keep smiling. 😀 It’s contagious.