One sex! God Damn it Auto-correct.

Great as the day as it could be
Bling! Text from my crush hits me

To reply or not to, my ego shouts
It’s my love so I crush my ego away

There is a text saying a simple ‘hey
Who am I kidding, what should I say

My name is Jeff’ is too old for this chat
How you doin’?’ and giving myself a pat

I am sure I made a fool out of me
But then why send me a pretty smiley

This was it I thought to myself we are done
Four messages and a Bye isn’t a love story yet

My eyes wide open and heart pounding
I was looking at the upper corner typing…

Sure she is my crush and I stalk her
But receiving ‘one sex!’, I said ‘Yes’ to her

Hopes high and a La La Land in my thoughts
God Damn it Auto-correct’ broke my heart

Never heard from her again in my life
As if we did had sex on a social media website!

Thank You for reading guys. Happy Life. 🙂