I want to be The Man of the House.

Based on a True Story

There is a life on the other side of fear. An AMAZING life. There is a lively life on the other side of courage. A life full of RESPECT. There is a life on the other side of acting on what is necessary. A life of SELF-CONFIDENCE. There is a life on the other side of listening to your heart. A life of SATISFACTION. There is a life on the other side of doing what you love. A life of HAPPINESS.


My friends are throwing a party at a restaurant. I am invited. On the day of the party I have an appointment with a doctor concerning my eyes. I am wearing a button-up shirt tucked inside my jeans (a semi-formal look). One of my friend accompanies me to the doctor. We all agree to meet at the restaurant after my examination with the doctor. My friend and I reach the restaurant on time and others arrive shortly after we do. We all sit down for eating. After the starters is over and the main course comes in, all of my friends are making a chaos and shouting in the restaurant while clicking pictures. As I am kind of formally dressed and stable too, the waiter asks me to keep all the fuss low, that there are other customers too. I immediately ask all of them to settle down and take it easy.

I started off with this article because I want to make a point. I want you guys to relate to my story and this post.

Nobody wants to be mediocre. Nobody wants to live under the rock.

Well, of course, some of us are more than willing to live alone in the dark. But that is not because we like it or we want to. There are reasons for that: we feel that we have an ugly face, we don’t like people, we don’t get much attention, we are ashamed of our body, we are uneducated, etc. There are thousands of reasons for that. And believe me, some are so stupid, you are going to die laughing.

Moral of the story above:

When that waiter asked me that I should tell my friends to keep it low, I felt great. I felt like The MAN. I felt like I reached the level of maturity. That people see me a mature person now. That feeling for a socially insecure person like me is overwhelming. And we all want that feeling. A feeling of importance. That we matter. That we are not some pathetic piece of shit. That what we say makes sense and people listen to it.

Tell me you don’t want that?

Tell me you don’t want to feel important?

Tell me you want to live a life just for the sake of existence?

Tell me you want to die a miserable pig?

Tell me you don’t want to make your family proud?

If your answer for any of the above questions is No, you are lying to yourself. You are making excuses. You are living in a box of your own realities and you don’t want to come out and face the facts and the truth because you are scared.

I don’t have a girlfriend

I don’t have a girlfriend. No one ever approached me. No girl ever proposed to me. Why is that? *subtle gesture towards picture below*

This is me. I am not too ugly, am I?

Yes, I am letting out my insecurities. Not because I am a worthless pig who doesn’t care about his life or career. No. I am letting it out because there are a lot of people like me who are too scared to share it with the public, too reluctant that they think they will be embarrassed for life and that they have to live a life without friends and family (and seeing their post on 9gag till the internet survives).

Trust ME

Trust me. How cheap and yet the most important words in our lives. We play with people’s emotions by saying to trust us and then we easily break them. But for me, if you trust me, I will die rather than be breaking your trust. I mean, it’s me, the ‘woman’ in the house. Apparently, the society concluded that women are not to be trusted with anything. Not women like real women, women like myself.

Do you know how amazing it feels for guys like me when someone trusts us and even says the three magic words: “I trust you”? Exactly. It feels awesome.

But for hearing those magical words, we have to go through rigorous and hard examinations to prove our worth. Not because we are incompetent. But because people see a label on our foreheads which says: “I will let you down.” And this connects us with the following section…

I am ashamed of my body

Me again. Call FDA. A malnutrition patient.

I have the talent. I have the skill. I have a lot to say. Not rubbish. Intelligent. Still, I am not confident enough. Only because my body is like this. I do try to overcome this barrier created by the so-called civilized society. But at times even the most confident among us are dragged down by this mentality. I don’t need either your sympathy or your comment for my body.

The only friends I have: Books.

Books and words are my only true legacies and partners in life. They have given me a voice. They have shown me the path to a busy life. A life where people can’t judge me. A life where I don’t matter. A life where if I don’t matter doesn’t matter. A life where what I write matters. A life where knowledge dwells. A life where hope exists.

Words can bring anything to life. That’s why there is fiction. Words can be sweet. Words can be mean. Even saying words in two different ways makes a lot of difference. You can play with them. They help you send your message. They make your life easy and understandable.

Bringing it all together…

  • Don’t accept what society accepts.
  • Do what you want to do. Don’t be afraid. Life is too short for that.
  • Do it now or regret later. And regret is painful.
  • No matter what smile.
  • Love yourself. Love your family. Love your friends. Love your work.
  • Be awesome.

Thank you guys for reading. Have an amazing life. Live Happily. Keep smiling. It’s contagious. 😊