poem_word: a woman so beautiful

and though they may not be as strong as the trees
it is them who make this world, a place — 

…beautiful, interesting, and worthy to live in!


poem_word: there is happiness in you

all alone during the nights, I walk
I remember you, us, and our walks

and when the climb gets too steep
love me more, so I conquer the mountains!

J.K. Rowling VS Avengers — Teachings and Legacy

The two franchise in today’s world that I admire and that almost every single person is a fan of — The Magical creatures by J.K. Rowling and the Supernatural Gods by Avengers. These series although unreal create an awe in the audience again and again with a new trailer followed by a magnificent movie. The plot so obvious is yet so amazing and inspiring. I mean you know that the world will end and our heroes are going to save us yet you have that urge and curiosity to watch it.

Because it is a masterpiece.