Mental peace? You must #PRAY. But how?

What is it that you do when you are exhausted mentally?

Do you take any steps or do you have any way to deal with the daily mental exhaustion?

Well, there is a way. Praying.

The next thing you will ask is what kind of praying? And, of course, why should we pray?

For me, I am a Muslim. I pray five times a day. Some of you may have even seen the way we pray. It’s structured and it doesn’t change with time which means that it can be learned. And it will repeat in the same way, everyday.

You don’t have to learn to pray that way. No.

Praying is for everyone. It is a legacy for all. 

But why should you pray?

  • Praying is to take time off your daily routine and think about all that is going on your life and being thankful for all the blessings bestowed upon you.
  • Praying makes you more happy and contented.
  • Praying relaxes your body and mind.
  • Praying helps you be grateful for all the things you have, i.e. it helps with gratitude.
  • Praying is meditation.
  • Praying improves self-control. Recent scientific research proves that prayer updates your self-control behavior.
  • Prayer makes you more forgiving.
  • To improve focus and concentration.
  • The most important one. Prayer helps you decrease your negativity and reduce your stress. How amazing would our lives be if we could cut out the negative part of our lives, and be more optimistic about our decisions and future? Bye, bye anti-depressants.

Now that you the pros of praying. The next question that arises is:

How do you pray?

As I said earlier, praying doesn’t have to be a step-by-step process or a procedure or method that we need to follow exactly. Where we have to repeat exact words in an order. No.

You can pray by sitting alone in a room and:

  • relaxing your mind and body.
  • having positive thoughts.
  • remembering the good things in your life and thanking for them.
  • taking deep breaths.
  • forgiving people for anything wrong they did to you. Not because you are weak, but for your own well-being. Having a grudge against someone will only affect you physically and mentally.
  • listening to your own thoughts. It may sound scary to some people but the more you bury your negative feelings, they will come up, again and again, to eat you alive inside. Feel your feelings. Let them out. You will feel free. I promise.

This post is succinct and to the point. Go and try it. You have nothing to lose.

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Thank you for reading the article. Share it if you think someone suffering needs it. And keep smiling. 😀 It’s contagious.


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