I am from here; She is from there.

Look! I am from here and she is from there.

She has standards and I am a 10th standard.

I live like a man and she lives in a man-sion
She is a princess and for me, everything is less

Mornings are late and beautiful, full of luxury
Me? I can’t say mornings are worse or nights

Clothes, she wears once are thrown away the next
Oh! It’s a little embarrassing that I am the next

Ferrari, Aston, Rolls, BMW, Jaguar and not Audi
Prius, Prius, Prius, Prius for me and not Audi

Starbucks, Dominoes, KFC, CCD, once a month
Never see her there, she has standards, I told you

Are rich people cursed to be beautiful and rich?
I guess so. Maybe that’s why I am poor and ugly.

We have a lot in common, yeah, her and I
Like she is a human and me too, with emotions

Ah crap! I am already in love with her, haha
I think she hired a contractor; Ah crap, bullets.

Thank you for reading. Have a great life. Keep smiling. 😀 It’s contagious. Have fun. Happy Life.


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