Don’t settle for anything less than great.

Aim for mastery. Not Mediocrity.

I made a vow. I made a promise to myself that I am going to bring a change in my life. And I will. And I am. I was raised an introvert. I was raised without any talent or skill. I was raised without any girlfriend. I was raised with mediocrity and average knowledge.

But I made a promise to myself that I am going to change all these things. I promised myself that I won’t settle for anything less than great. And that is the advice that I give to all my friends or connections on LinkedIn. If you have set your mind in doing something do it completely. Make the journey from the bottom to the best. Don’t do it just because you feel like doing so.

“If you want lasting change, you’ve got to give up this idea of ‘trying something.’ You’ve got to decide you’re going to commit-to-mastery. Most people dabble. They say, ‘I’d like to change my body,’ or ‘I’d like to make my relationship better.’ These people don’t have enough detail to follow-through.”Tony Robbins

My biggest problem is that I am an introvert and I am low on confidence. I find it hard to speak to strangers, to girls, especially the pretty ones. I am scared of public speaking. I am scared about making a fool of myself in public. I am afraid that people are going to judge me. I am afraid that I will stay mediocre my whole life.


Today I made a move. I made up my mind. 1) I thought what is the worst that can happen? They will say No. They will slap me. They will laugh at me. I am going to leave heart-broken and embarrassed. 2) I accepted and acknowledged that yes it will and has happened to remove the fear from my mind and heart. 3) I made my move with the consequences and their mitigations in my mind to be as confident and subtle as possible.

I approached. I greeted and introduced myself. I asked permission to sit down. This time I started off with a trick that I learned on YouTube from the channel Scam School. It is a mathematical trick to get a girl’s phone number. I asked for one volunteer and the pretty one agreed. I told her the rules. But apparently I miscommunicated one rule. She did all the calculations but the result was not what was expected. We found that it was my mistake but I still thanked her and her friends for the time. Before I left I asked them their names. And greeted a goodbye.

But I don’t let these thoughts scare me. Hell, I don’t even let them infiltrate my mind. I keep them from me as far as possible. I love staying positive and optimistic. My love for public speaking and learning wants me to do great things. Things that only great people can do. Things that will make me a better person. So that the day when I am lying on my deathbed, I won’t regret about my life. I will, InshaAllah, die with a smile on my face. That I have done my part, that I lived my life.

Do you guys know what is it that I love the most? What is the most amazing and beautiful thing in my life? What would I love to do no matter what the time is, day or night? What makes me feel better about me and the world?

It is this:

To have long, meaningful, and deep conversations.

It makes me feel good that I can communicate. It shows that the person on the other side of the table knows how and what to talk. It brings love and care because we have something common to discuss and share. And in conversations like these do notice how time flies. Hours turn into minutes. Words are not just words. They are understood. They are beyond the reality of just being letters arranged in an order to make sense. In fact, in those conversations, you can tell what the other person is saying without their saying so.

I find more and more that life is better than I thought it would be. — Anna Freud

Now, I will do whatever I can to achieve whatever I have started. I know my goal. All I need to do now is to follow the path to greatness. And if circumstances change so will my path, it will improvise. But not my goal. And that is why they say that no matter what you do if your ‘WHY’ isn’t strong you will fail. So, I would say,

Find your WHY.

And once you do, let me promise you that no force on this earth will stop you. You will find the power within you that you thought was never there. You will become more focused and productive. Everything around you will help you to achieve your goal. Trust me. I have experienced it.

Listen to me carefully:

  1. Fight for what you love. 😃
  2. Love your fight. 😃
  3. Love the struggle. 😃
  4. Love yourself. 😃
  5. It’s not about you. 😃
  6. Find your passion. Find your WHY. How? Ans: Experiment. 😃
  7. Be awesome. 😃

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Thank you for reading guys. Happy Life. Keep smiling. It’s contagious. 😃


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