I want to date a girl

I want to date a girl
I want to take her out

To give her a kiss
To hold her close

So I can listen to her
So she can talk to me

I make her feel safe
I make her feel great

To walk her home
To talk and roam

But I try a lot
But I cannot

The first one I met
The boyfriend set me up

I met my second love
I met a psycho cow

It has to be her I thought
It is not, it’s the pot

Luck is not in my favor
Luck is only an excuse

There are flaws in all of us
There is no perfect love

I want to apologise
I want to be wise

No longer I search for her
No more I suffer

I will stop all at once
I will not sing or dance

I think I have a crush on her
I still have one more shot

Just this once and I will be done
Just hope she doesn’t hold a gun…!

Thank You for reading…! Happy Life…!

Keep Smiling…! 😀

It’s contagious…!


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