How you spend years from 18–22 — define you.

Don’t run after success, strive for excellence.

Whenever I meet someone and I get to know their age, which is the group of 18–22, I get excited. At the same time, I start thinking too. This person right here is in his golden era. He/She have so much to do. Do they understand the importance of this time? Do they understand that if they lose these years, it will be a great loss for them?

Of course, there isn’t a particular age for success. You can be successful at 12 or 60. It’s your hard work, your luck, and your time. But when you are above 18 and below 22 you have all this energy and enthusiasm. This is the time when you start exploring the world as an adult. This is where you transform from a dependent teenager to a responsible independent adult. Don’t get me wrong. Some may even hate being referred to as adult. It makes them feel old. And if you still react to what people say and you have still given your permission to others to control your success, you are in deep shit.

Today I met Jasmine. She is a fresher in my department. What a beautiful and young lady. As far as I can guess she must be 18 or 19. I had a talk with her for a few minutes and then we parted ways. But for the time we talked and listened to each other, I got to know that she is a good listener. A gorgeous face with a kind heart. And, she was wearing glasses (😍).

I mentioned Jasmine here because after I met her in the morning, later in the afternoon I realized how lucky she is to be an 18 year old learner. I mean all that she can achieve. Another three years to build something for her. She can do what I can’t do. She can makes choices for which I am too old now. There is plenty for her to do. And guessing from the glasses she definitely loves to turn pages of books.

Tell me. Can you make the same choices a fresher, a sophomore, or a junior can make if you have already graduated from college? 

Is it feasible for you to make those sacrifices when you have a family to feed?

Can you waste money on worthless gadgets and weekend dates?

With age comes wisdom. But it all starts from the childhood. The human body is a strange yet most amazing creation. The body of a boy stops growing after the age of 18 and of the girls after 16. A human brain develops fully until the age of 25. At the age of 18, it’s only half developed. You know what that means? It means you can mould your brain to be developed and shaped in whatever way you like. If you think good it will yield well. If you think evil it will shout out evil.

Before the age of 18 parents too won’t force you too much on anything. They let you learn and also teach you a lot. Because they believe that after you have hit your puberty you will be responsible enough and intelligent enough to make your own decisions. To think rationally. To be emotionally intelligent. Until you hit puberty, you learn how the world works, and after you hit puberty you have to learn how the human mind works. It can work wonders. You just need to feed it with knowledge and experiences. The brain will then help you in situations that will work wonders for you.

Go out there. Open a company. Be a freelancer. Do something new. Fight for what you deserve. No one will give it you. Not the winners. Not the losers. Let me tell you this: “Every winner in your life has zero sympathy for you.” If you are going to dwell and ponder on why no one is appearing to help you, you will die a miserable life. No one will come. This is an amazing era. You are in luck to be born in this era. You can do whatever you set your mind to.

Don’t be afraid to learn.

I am not going to tell you that failure is the way to success. You already read that. You already know that. I am going to tell you to not worry about the outcome. As long as you are learning, it doesn’t matter. Well, of course, I don’t mean that you will keep learning and failing all the same time. Trust me. Increase your knowledge and experiences, you won’t have to worry about losing. This comes from a personal experience. Keep learning people. I mean it. Don’t let your brain rest for too long. I will corrode away.

Thank you for reading. Happy Life. Keep smiling. It’s contagious. 😄


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