I don’t want to be scared anymore.

I want to live life. I want to be happy.

Google defines an introvert person way too easily:

a shy, reticent person.

Introverts are much more than that. They have potential, not you, not me, no one can imagine. We need introverts to come out to the world and share the amazing things they have been holding inside them. I am an introvert. Now, I don’t know if I am even qualified to speak on this matter. I am a shy person. I have always been. I couldn’t talk to any strange person let alone any random girl in the room, the canteen. My life has been limited to school, college, and home.

There is just one life for us: our own — Euripides

I remember in my 8th standard, I was asked by my Urdu teacher to deliver a message to a girl of 10th standard. From that moment, till I found that girl my heart was pounding like a machine gun. And finally when I talked to her, I couldn’t speak. I was blabbering, stammering, and speaking like I had a speech problem.

I am sorry. Did you say, friends? I had one. Yeah. Only one. When I was in my primary school. And again one when I was in my higher secondary. What a pity! But it was never my call. I wanted to go out and have fun with a lot of friends. I wanted to sing in front of my audience without being shy. I wanted to laugh without being creepy. I wanted to approach girls without having the fear of dying in the process. I wanted to live a life of fun and adventure. I wanted a lot of things.

Once again I was walking peacefully in my school campus, when I saw 4 girls approaching towards me. I was terrified. I knew they were at me, like they are going to gang-kill me. So, pretending I didn’t see them, I made a quick turn and ran like hell so that they wouldn’t catch me from the other side. But they did. And I had to talk. I don’t even remember if I said anything or not. I think I just nodded my head and went on.

To be free and to live a free life — that is the most beautiful thing there is. — Miguel Indurain

There are millions of stories like these on this planet earth. All introverts may not be bothered by having a life to their own. I do believe that every person should at least have an hour of alone time to get their thoughts in order. To get to know their life and analyze where they are and where they want to be. But not all the time. Humans are hungry for love. We need friends, family, fun. Although we may not say it explicitly but we do. Everyone does (don’t nod your head; you know you do).

I tried and I have been trying since. I want to be a better version of myself. I want to give all I have to the world out there. I want to do things and stuff before my time runs out. I want to ask a girl out. I want to dance in front of people without fear of embarrassment and judgment. I want to learn as much from everything and everyone. I want to be a public speaker. I want to be the best. And, I don’t want to be afraid.

The Change in Me

My beautiful friend, Vatsla Chauhan, has helped me a lot in terms of pushing me in doing things that I am too fearful to do. She has done her part. She is still helping me out whenever I need it. Recently, she helped me by making me talk to a random girl. I was scared but she pushed me (Who does that these days). Who will help you to such extent in today’s world? But she did. And I owe her for that.

You may have heard the quote:

If it scares you, it may be worth trying.

Vaibhav Nagpal (aka Bebo), is my inspiration when it comes to social life and motivation. He has been a great part of my life. He has helped me when I felt worthless when I was down when I didn’t have money when I didn’t have friends. And, he is helping me to this day.

I guess we all need something or someone in our life. It may be a person, an event, a game, a speech, a motivational video, an experience, an adventurous trip, a failure if it has to be.

In my life, whatever I have lived through, I have experienced, I can say, that if you truly want something in life, opportunities will come. Period.

You have to grab them before they leave you hanging in regret and pain. Sometimes you don’t even have to move a muscle. Nature balances and makes your wish come true automatically.

If you have read my post on how to stop worrying and living life, you may know that I was heart-broken when the love of my life rejected my proposal. Up until my sophomore, we were in the same class. When she rejected me, in my third semester, and when I was too bothered by seeing her daily, I wished in my heart that somehow I changed my section and move to the other one. I was almost prepared to talk to my class incharge.

Fortunately, I needn’t do anything. The university, after my sophomore year, introduced a new slot based system, and most of my classes were now not with her anymore. You may call this a fictional story or all of this a coincidence. But I learned something from it. And this wasn’t the only time it had happened like this.

The whole point of this post, whatsoever, is that life is too short to live a mediocre and lonely life. If you get the opportunity to change your life, to be a better person, to make an impact on lives — take it. Don’t run after perfection.

Find someone special. 💏

Give love. 😘

Take love. 😊

Embrace love. ❤️

Be happy. 😄

Be awesome. 😎

Don’t be AFRAID.

Thank you for reading. Happy Life guys. Keep smiling. It’s contagious. 😄


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