The only way to stop worrying and living life.

Rule 1: Keep busy. The worried person must lose himself in action, lest he wither in despair.

The secret of being miserable is to have the leisure to bother about whether you are happy or not. — George Bernard Shaw

I am a man of emotions and desires. I love pleasure and I hate pain. I love unicorns and I hate the devil.

It was late October when I proposed to her. Unfortunately, my birthday too. 25th of October, 2014. It turns out to be one of the worst days as well as birthdays in my whole life. You already know why. I proposed to the love of my life. And she rejected me, by pushing me deep down in the darkness of “friend-zone”!!!

At that moment, it didn’t feel too hard. It felt like hope. That there was still hope of us getting together. Least did I know that ‘friend-zone’ is a one-way road. My heart still pumping and hoping for the best. Well, I proposed her on WhatsApp (don’t judge me!). And, that too while we are casually chatting like friends in the midnight. The next day when I see her, on my birthday, I am not sure what to say. She, and a couple of my friends, have bought a cake for me. Somehow I managed to hold my emotions all along the party, party.

What came after a few days was a disaster. The worst in my life. I was devastated. I texted her and asked for a logical reason as to why our friend-‘ship’ sunk in the ocean and left me for dead (still no balls to call her). And the answer was obvious: “You are my friend. I never had feelings. blah blah blah”. phrrrrrr…

Hey! You. The one reading this. I do have emotions right? Well, doesn’t matter now.

And for the next three semesters, I asked her the same question: Why? And she gave me the same boring answer: Friend. No feelings.

Oh come on. Kill me.

Now for the serious part.

It hurt me a great deal for the next three years. I wept. I cried. I got depressed. I didn’t want to go out. Didn’t want to study. No interest. No passion. All I wanted to do was stay in my bed and cry like a baby who lost his teddy bear. And people could see through me. That I am behaving in a weird way. I am not talking to people. People telling me that I need sex. And the worst part: She didn’t even text me or call me once to ask if I am doing okay.

Now, before you call me a judgemental pig for not understanding the girl’s situation, let me remind you I was the one rejected. Of course, I wasn’t in my senses. I already told you that. I thought that she owed me that love, that she was obliged to love me back. I was wrong.

But after three years, I realized that I was being a sticky a-hole and I already lost all my self-respect. I text her and apologize for being an a-hole. We even meet for 5 minutes where I apologize again. And I know that it is time to move on. That I need sex!

I met a friend, let’s call her bachha. I had a talk with her. After listening to all of my non-fictional story, she had some sage words of feminine advice. Whatever she said made sense. I mean, I am thinking where has been my mind for the last few years. She and her baby (boyfriend) helped me go through this. I understood that if I have to go through this I have to take an initiative. And so I did.

I made myself busy with academics, friends, family, and girls. 😉

I started reading (best thing ever happened to me). I started writing (same here). I started to be more extrovert. Self-help and personal development became interesting to me. I wanted, and still do, to help others with the same illness to get them out from this black hole into the world of love and friends and unicorns (What? I love unicorns).

Family has been a great support in this journey. Whenever I am with them, I forget all of my sorrows and worries. And they made me forget this too. Now, the whole point of me saying this story is to have a story you can relate to followed by me telling you how I tackled all of the bad days and came out of depression like a new born baby. Enjoying life again.

Now, listen to me carefully:

  1. Appreciate all that you have right now. Like I did. Family. Friends. Money. Whatever.
  2. Stay close to your family, especially your parents. No matter what happens in your life they are the only personalities who will never leave your side.
  3. Make new friends. This will help you stay busy and will also give you the confidence that you still have it in you (you sexy looking beast)
  4. A hobby. We all love to do something. Don’t kid me or yourself by saying no.
  5. Work your work. Keep doing your work and be the best at it. And the only way you can be the best at anything is hard work. Keeps you busy.
  6. Keep that adrenaline going by doing crazy, stupid things every day for the rest of your life.
  7. Just freaking smile. SMILE. 🙂 It’s contagious.
  8. Read my blog posts. <>
  9. Rule 1: Keep busy. The worried person must lose himself in action, lest he wither in despair.

Be happy with what you have. Be awesome. Be you. Dream big. Work hard. Love life. Love yourself. And rock that party, party, party. Yay.

Big thanks to Dale Carnegie for “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.”

Thank you for reading. Happy Life. 😃 Keep smiling.



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