I am not desperate. You are beautiful.

Couldn’t possibly write what people felt in past golden days
I mean, this is my era, strange from theirs, boring dull days

Technology occupies our hearts, and imposter beauty our eyes
And so I am writing today, for the fake love and the real cries

Love has a price, life no value, we live among monetary zombies
Are you shy? Say it in a message. Alas! It is not been read for days

Luckily I find you on Instagram, I request you, I text you, and I wait
You question me, I answer you, we have a little chat, I try to ornate

In the bus, a ride back home, bored, I check social and my Instagram
Am I sure or is it a dream come true, I am Syed and not Frank Graham

I tell you, I am not desperate, you are beautiful, as I check your profile
more than 150 pictures, but I scroll through all, how could I be a senile?

A 1000 followers you have, but did you notice me? My name at least?
even if you didn’t, I don’t mind. I am a lover and not a priest

Something I noticed, about your lovely facade, that gave me sighs
that no matter where I look, and what I see, it’s all about those eyes

It’s been months, I comment, you like, I text, you reply, nothing more
tell me how long must I care, must I sore, before you open that door?

I am not a poet, yet I write this for you, and only you, and only you
Might I suggest you do the same, be a friend, without further ado

WhatsApp buzzes day and night, Truecaller with recognized numbers
As useful they are, how amazing they are, still useless without hers

We can have long, late night calls, dread not, I will pay the bills
Won’t you talk to me, I bet you do, and I will show you my skills

I am not perfect, and neither is your high school crush, believe me
Love is not a product or a service, trust is what matters, no guarantee

So, let us be together, let us have kids and a cat, okay, two of meows
There has never been a better time, for you, me and our vows.

Thank you for reading. 🙂

Happy Life.


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