5 minutes, Gratitude, Praying — Daily Life.

5 minutes is a lot of time

If we live good lives, the times are also good. As we are, such are the times. — Saint Augustine.

Hello, everyone. My name is Syed Idrees. I am a freelance writer and a reader. I waste a lot of time. I take time for worthless activities and I don’t give time to what is actually important. It is because I feel lazy, lonely, distracted, lost, etc. I do read books. I do learn. I do try to implement it. But I still waste a lot of time.

5 minutes is a lot of time. You may take a break. You may skip 5 for leisure. 5 more for playing COD. 5 more with someone unworthy. 5 here and 5 there. And now accumulate all of these and you will find that you wasted almost an hour or two just because you thought it wouldn’t make any difference.

If only you read a book for all the five minutes that you find free, you will finish at least two books a week. Yeah. And knowledge is a beautiful thing. Trust me. The more you learn, the more you can help people. You will be the popular and amazing guy who has solutions for everything. You will have more friends. If you want, a girlfriend too. You will improve your creativity. And believe me, this is coming from my own experience, all the knowledge you will learn will help in situations that you didn’t expect you could pull off. But you will. Because you have utilized all the small pebbles and made a fortress out of it.

Praying is a lot of help

I pray daily. I love to thank God for everything he has given me. I pray 5 times a day. Prayer doesn’t mean you have to find a room and pray in solitude like you are summoning ghosts. Prayer is feeling. Feeling in your heart the gratitude that whatever you have accomplished in life you, you are happy with it. Of course, you should achieve more and that is what I want you to do.

Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they didn’t stop to enjoy it. — William Feather

But don’t give away future blessings with present thanklessness. You feel me?

Gratitude (or simply Thank You)

Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others. — Hellen Keller

A simple two-word sentence ‘Thank You’. Doesn’t feel too important. Right? But it is. It is more important than what you have to say or offer or what you get from the other person. Gratitude makes friends. It removes the ego between two people. The person helping you feels better and happy. He will be more than happy to help you again. You want that? Yes. You do.

So, say Thanks/Thank you. Those of you who are already doing this know that they also feel good. I mean, it’s amazing. There is no small or big, poor or rich, stupid or intelligent if we all just say these two magic words:

Thank You.

Thank you very much for reading. I hope you did love it. Keep reading guys. Keep spreading the love. Happy Life. 🙂


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