Your Perfect day-Too many things will destroy your willpower

Are you listening to me? This is important for you and it will solve the biggest problem in your life. So, pay attention.

You want a perfect life? You want to wake up at 5AM? Drink water? Do your intense workout/exercise? Take a bath? Meditate? Have a healthy breakfast? Time with your family? Start working until lunch? Lunch? Take a walk or pray? Start working again until 4PM? Take a break? Play with your kids? Have time with your loved one? Work on something you love? Learn piano? Play football? Dinner? Read a book? and a lot more…

The perfect day I explained above is only an outline without the specifics of activities you want to perform. You may want to learn playing piano, soccer, and multiple things in a single day. This will be your perfect day. At least according to your imagination. And you may even execute it for a day, a week, or even two weeks. But eventually, you give up. No demotivation here. I know it. And there is a reason for that. I hope I got your attention for now. Are you with me?

Reason you give up your perfect life

Will power is a strong force and should be directed in a way favorable to you, your passion. You are defined by what you do and so be the best in it. And the way you can achieve that is by focusing your will power on the things that matter, that are important to your career, that you are good at. Not at those things that fill gaps in your perfect day.

When you focus your energy and will power on multiple things, your mind gets tired too early. You will lose motivation and focus very soon in the day and then in your life. Your perfect life will end before it even got started. It can never be perfect. Perfection can only be pursued. Not achieved. Keep that in mind. And don’t wait for that moment when you get perfect and then start working. Without any action, you won’t know whether you are progressing or not.

Okay. Now I didn’t say to not plan your day. What I meant was to focus on 2–3 things that matter to you the most. Work on those things till you get better at them. Then choose another thing you would love to work on and fit it in your day. Don’t be in the illusion of having a perfect life and losing what really matters.

Be in harmony with your life goal. That one goal you are most passionate about and amend your actions towards that goal. The destination is as important as the journey. Your choices and actions will take you to your final destination. Don’t make unusual stops. Don’t detour and even if you do, get back to your original path as fast as possible. Stay on track.

Your willpower is a strong force. Give it a direction that is profitable to you, your goals.

Thank you for reading guys. Happy life. Please do share. It may help someone in need. 🙂


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