Improvising for future? Not a good idea

BEGIN with the END in mind!

You can choose if you have options. You can choose if you plan already about the choices you will face in the future. And you can plan only if you know where you are headed.

Let’s say you are headed to the office. You begin with the end in mind. That is the time and the route. What is the fastest way and with less traffic? You check the traffic and based on that you make a choice of the route. But you can only do that if you already know where you are headed and when are you supposed to be there. Be proactive to your environment and your future planning. Make it a habit. Don’t let anything get you off-guard.

Let me relate this concept to a simple disease — Procrastination.

When you procrastinate, it is either because you are not sure what to do or you are not driven. That is, you don’t have a goal. No passion. It is all random. Day in and day out. Wake up, do your job, and go to sleep. To live only to exist. Like a lump. But that is not life. That is dying before death itself. Some of you may like that life but if you are reading this, I guess not. You want to change. To be a better and praiseworthy person. Responsible and hard-working.

Do you know why do we procrastinate? I know it’s up there. But do you know why? Because we don’t plan how to deal with it whenever it knocks on the door. We sit there, relaxed, waiting for procrastination to attack us so that we may improvise that time. You can’t do that. Too risky. Isn’t it better to not even let it enter our life? Shouldn’t there be a way to avoid it before it paralyzes us? Why not? It’s what all of us want. To be productive. But that comes with a cost. The cost of planning.

Plan ahead to kick ass. Eg. today evening you are to write an essay on national heroes. It may not be compulsory but you have to write it for yourself. Now, if you have that motivation and inspiration in your life it will be a piece of cake. Otherwise, you will postpone it to tomorrow and this so-called ‘tomorrow’ will never arrive. So, we plan. “If I stay in my room alone, will I be lazier?”, “If I start writing without any research will I stop writing?”, “If I write with someone watching my progress will that help?”. Most of the answers to these questions will be based on your past experience because you know your strengths and weaknesses.

Most people are deluded when they think that they have planned for their future. They think that they already have the end in mind but actually, they are being led blind by the desire of their goal. They keep the end in mind, that is, the victory and they let it get to their head which is highly dangerous. Be practical, real, and honest with yourself and figure out what is it that you want in the end. Don’t announce your goals to everyone. Don’t post them on Facebook. If you do that you have already lost the match.

I do believe that telling your goal to a person will push you to do that work because of the embarrassment of failing in front of him/her. Okay. Tell that one friend who you think is worth it, who will make sure you do the job. He is your motivator, and report manager. You may do this but Facebook (or Instagram)…na na na na na. And again with the method of a side-kick motivator, you are dependent on an external force, which may not last forever. It should be temporary for until you get in the habit of doing it independently. Real progress is made when you have a burning desire in your heart. A passion.

That is the seductive nature of entrepreneurship — Gary Vaynerchuk

When you want success as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful — Socrates

Thank you guys for reading. Be successful. You are the best. I believe in you. I do. You can achieve anything. I am here to help. I don’t write to write. I love to help. We lift each other up. Happy life. 🙂


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