Have you been asking too many favors from your boss?

Sir, may I take a leave for a week because my parents will be in town?

Sir, my pay-grade has been stagnant for a little while now. Could you please increase it?

Sir, I am a hard-working employee of this company. I deserve a separate office and a PA. Would you oblige?

And there a ton of other favors that are common as above, or something new and specific. But the point is ‘favors’. Asking too many favors from your boss. That is what bothers me and should bother you. Of course, at some point, you have to ask a favor. At least one. You have to climb up the ladder of corporate success. And for that transactions need to be going on regularly. But make sure you don’t ask too many favors. Instead, earn your favors.

The thing about asking too many favors is that your boss doesn’t like to reject any requests from his/her subordinates. And this rejection of requests creates guilt and resentment. And as I said, earn your favors. So that your boss willingly bestows them upon you. Don’t let that air of favors between you and your boss. And most importantly never, ever ask for favors on behalf of your friends or colleagues.

Alfonso I of Aragon once had a servant who told the king that the night before he had had a dream: Afonso had given him a gift of weapons, horses, and clothes. Alfonso, a generous, lordly man, decided it would be amazing to make this dream come true, and promptly gave the servant exactly these gifts.

A little while later, the same servant announced to Alfonso that he had had yet another dream, and in this one, Alfonso had given him a considerable pile of gold florins. The king smiled and said, “ Don’t believe in dreams from now on; they lie”. — The 48 Laws of Power. 

The first time the servant mentioned the dream, Alfonso, generously gave away a favor showing Alfonso as a great and godly creature. But for the next time the servant mentioned about having another dream, it was a con game from the servant’s part. Don’t ask too much, and know when to stop. Deserve the favors.

Your boss loves to give away favors to his subordinates. It makes him/her feel great of themselves because now you are indebted to them. Makes them feel strong and powerful, and you weak. But when you deserve a favor, when you earn it, there is not that sense of hierarchy. Your boss willingly gives you what you ask for because he needs you. You are a valuable part of the company as well as to your boss. But play this game very subtly, otherwise, too many favors will make your boss suspicious of you as if you are onto something.

Some tips to consider:

  • Make your boss feel smarter than you. You may lose your job if you boss gets too insecure by having you around him.
  • Never make fun of appearances and taste of your boss or any other person above you. Or be ready to pay the price.
  • Never be the bearer of bad news to your boss. It lowers your image in their eyes. Nobody doesn’t even want to see you.
  • Never criticize directly anyone above you. Instead try to prove your point indirectly using symbols, graphics, etc.
  • Please don’t act friendly with you boss — ever.
  • Don’t look better than your boss when it comes to dressing up — I mean it. You don’t want your next raiment to be pajamas because you were too ostentatious in the office.
  • Always be a source of Pleasure.

Mastering your way to the top is an art. You can’t be too bold yet you can’t be too naive. Keep learning and mastering. May the force be with you.

Do check out the book The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.

Thank you for reading. Happy Life people. 🙂


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