DO what you love but WHY aren’t you?

Let’s have a one-to-one conversation.

I love the idea of productivity as much as you do. I mean that’s why you are listening to me right now. But let me ask you does positivity ever drag you down? Does your confidence in doing what you do best makes you less productive? No! Right? That’s is my point here. We are not hindered or stopped by our positive behavior or working 12 hours a day. The only obstacle in our way is negativity. And it has to go away before it destroys you or me.

The thing is that when you do what you are good at, you get better at it. Keep practicing and one day you will master that art. And the more you do, it will boost your confidence sky-high. Like literally you will feel on the top of the world, no matter what you do or the money you have. Because you finally know your purpose in life.

Don’t know your purpose? I cannot tell you that. We met like one-minute ago. But you have been living your life for years now. Don’t despair. You wanna find your passion? Experiment. You heard me. Sitting in front of a laptop, being a prisoner in your own room will not help you do that. Go out. Keep doing new things.

One of the major things that stop us from doing things is the thought of what others are going to think. Let me tell you that Nobody gives a Fuck! — Gary Vaynerchuk.

I am not writing this post to make you the Professor Dumbledore of your passion. That’s on you. You suffer from negativity. It feels like not doing what you love is the source of all that dark energy. It may be. But if you are not doing anything in your life, you are in deep shit, my friend. You don’t work, you don’t complain. Stop listening to me and get out.

But if you are working towards a better life and your goals, my friend I think I can help you. But you need to pay attention to me. Yes. keep your smartphone in your pocket and listen to me. Keep your eyes and mind open. Listen: You need to worry about positive as well as negative energy.

I know. I know. Why would I waste my energy, time, and focus on something that is dragging me down? The answer is simple: Don’t focus on negativity. Confused? Of course, you are. Probably thinking “this guy is a moron”. Let me clarify.

Doing positive things is great but do you think you will keep doing them if you have negativity in your brain? You may, but your performance will fluctuate. One day you are like, ‘I did it’, and the next day, ‘I don’t want to do it’. You see there. What happened in a single day? Yesterday you produced one of the best pieces in your life and today you want to die? And I am sure most of the people reading may relate to this. And by the way, positivity and confidence are c0-related. When you follow your passion, you feel more confident, which in turn renders positivity. Now do you get it? The more you work on your dream, more confident and positive you are going to be. The only thing holding you back is negativity.

I haven’t still answered why must you focus on negativity. And why you must not. Let me plot a simple story: Let’s say you are a writer. You just completed a lovely piece of article which you feel very confident will get a lot of appreciation. Now the next day, as I said, work seems a burden. Lying in the bed seems more comfortable. You do want to get up and write. Something is messing with you in your head and you are helpless. This is what you need to stop.

Focus on your negative stimulus, only then will you be able to decide how to react.

There are reasons for your negativity. There are ways to cure them. But first, you need to find out what is it that is holding you back. Right? Feel me? You still listening? Let’s first start with the reasons why you feel negative.

Reasons why you feel negative

  1. This one is personal. So do take offence: You are too down to earth that no one even knows or cares about you. And that bothers you. So you don’t write or share because you think no one will care about what you write. And this feeling may stay for a long time if you are an introvert.
    Solution: You already guessed it. Go out and do something new. I know, you would prefer to be hanged till death rather than speaking to a stranger, but do it. Start small. I don’t care. You want to be successful? You have to network. You have to make your presence known. No, don’t make them your best friends but do care. If you play tricks or try to deceive, people will eventually see through your lies and believe me my friend you don’t want to be there.
  2. You want it quick. Who doesn’t want it quick? Who wants to work day and night to live a miserable life, a life without fun and a boring death? Nobody wants that. But smart people know what they love and so they do that. It doesn’t even feel like work to them. In fact, you have to pull them out of the flow so that they don’t die of starvation. This ‘want’ is a strong feeling. It is a desire that you need to put in a right direction.
    Solution: Experiment. Patience. Hard-work. Perseverance. If any of the words above sound alien to you, you are in a deep shit my friend.
  3. You don’t have a life goal. It has been proven by scientists that having a goal is a must. When you know your destination, the journey is beautiful. You know where your destination is, how long will it take, and when do you want to reach there. Not having a goal makes you a wanderer. But that is a good as well as bad thing. Depends upon you. If you are searching you will stumble upon something great or else you will die a miserable life.
    Solution: Experiment. Hard-Work. Patience. Perseverance. I have literally experimented on many things: Filmmaking, Photography, App development, Web development, body-building and other domains. I finally settled for Writing.
  4. You care: You care what others think of you. You care about the money and the cars your friend has. You care about your friend’s girlfriend too much. You know better.
    Solution: Stop caring.
  5. You make everything a competition: Work in harmony with the world. There will always be someone better and more competent than you. You will wear yourself out. Find out your definition of success. Be happy with that. But never stop working. Never stop improving. Or this world will be your living hell.
    Solution: Harmonize with the world.
  6. You are too hard on yourself: Be unpredictable. Recover (from these six | great read by Benjamin P. Hardy). Leave in the middle of the night and go for a long drive. A walk perhaps. Whatever you prefer. But do something new and different every now and then. This will keep your interest in life alive. The idea of dying tomorrow will not bother you anymore. Nobody is perfect. Nobody has seen tomorrow.

I am not going to live in the fear of unknown. People fear what they don’t understand. You don’t understand because you can’t control it. I need not be scared of the unknown because I control it. Daily. With my action, decisions, and my choices.

There are other reasons for negativity. Find them and throw them out of your positive life. Let the positivity live forever. Focus on the negativity to never focus on it again. Find what success means to you. Don’t compete. Live your life. Don’t bother about the unknown. Live happily. A smile is very contagious.

Understood? Now get out of here and do something. Oh, I almost forgot: Believe in yourself.

Thank you for reading. Please do share your thoughts and opinions. They sure do help. Happy life. 🙂


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