I am always positive

I am always positive
yet I do fear the unknown

I try to keep hustling
yet I keep messing relations

And I love playing soccer
yet I stay in my room writing all day long

Where did all the time go?
While I got busy with the flow

It was a temporary sabbatical
and now the family is not real

I sit alone and gaze into my soul
I see success covered with false hopes

trying to keep up with the world
slow and fast I stopped living my life

headphones were my only company
and books my only friends

I would love to amend my existence
too confused what to do and where to start

please don’t hate me for being me
my solitude taunts me and that too for free

posters hang on the walls and a mirror looks at me
standing in front of it I don’t even see a reflection

my gallery lacks the flair of memories
and my WhatsApp, well, is waiting for your text

I know how to talk to a computer
is that how I code my devastation

Like minds attract and like charges repel
the person I like, wait, tell her I’m here

My morning is TED and evening YouTube
last request I sent is still pending acceptance

Your phone rings for a party invitation
for me, it’s love quotes from Vodafone

It’s the fate of some that they die alone
but for me, nope, I will write my own

I am always positive
and that’s my secret to a happy LIFE!

Thank You for Reading. Happy life. 🙂


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