Make sure to take advice from the right person

Nobody likes living mediocre. Either we do something about it or we don’t.

How do you define success? What does success mean to you? What would you do if you were to do it all the time?

Six semesters, I started going to gym and six times I stopped doing it. I love fitness. I wanted to have a body. I know it takes time. I did the workout with passion and zeal. But the reason I stopped working out wasn’t that I lost interest. When I didn’t get fast results, I talked to people about this. And that is where I made my biggest mistake, which I realized after 6 semesters. My inability to have patience in gaining muscle and with people telling me that I couldn’t do it only added to the fuel. Even if I had a great workout week, one day if I failed I recalled what my friend had said and I quit.

Success is defined by you — financial, relationship, spiritual. Or anything that satisfies your life. Greed cannot be cured and it always leads to destruction. Have a clear definition of success in your head. It may be a single goal after a certain time or it may be about daily life.

Success is not achieved by a single force or technique. It is an accumulation of work, sacrifice, learning, hustle, taking shit, living hell, etc. I will not go into the details of that because it’s your path. And every path to success is different. The principles may be the same, even the destiny, but the how is your own. You may still not know where to go from here. What is your next step? Don’t despair. It has always been unknown.

But that doesn’t mean you sit quietly and wait for a miracle. NO. Be aware of your goals and where you want to be 30 years, 20 years from now. When you know your goal, it’s concrete, you will know where to look for your next step. You will find wisdom only if you have the knowledge of your destiny. You may have noticed that some of the great discoveries and successes have been made accidentally or that they weren’t created for that particular purpose. But the creators were firm on one belief — their goal.

Mark Zuckerberg did not start with Facebook in mind, Flipkart was not what Sachin Bansal had in mind when he started it. The future is unknown to all of us. It’s out choice to fear it or do something about it. Remember: Fear is temporary, Regret is permanent. Do not let regret in your life. As I said success is a mixture os many ingredients — mentorship is one of them.

Now when I say mentorship I don’t mean paying $20,000 to a coach to help you out with your path to success. Although, you can do that. What I am talking about is learning from everything and everybody. We start from the bottom to our way up. Learning is a crucial process in this journey. There is no denying that the internet and the real world has a lot of good things stored for us but at the same time a lot of crap comes with it too.

You have to figure out which one is which. Just because your friend says you cannot do it doesn’t mean you have to listen to him. Sometimes people say that we can’t do it not because it is our lack of skill, it’s a reflection of them. So, make sure you give ears to the right information. You have to trust your gut. If your gut feels something, most of the times it is true. If you think it will work, make it work. Research, talk to influencers, watch videos, go out, meet people. Move your ass!

But don’t colloquy with a dumb ass. A friend should be for friendship, work with the best and the competent. Darren Hardy of The Compound Effect said, Don’t take advice from someone with whom you wouldn’t want to trade places.

Learn from a Teacher

Get a mentor, start a course, read a book. Whatever you are trying to do, there are people who have gone through a lot to understand what is success and how most of the people got there. I know I said that no two people will have the same path for success because you will have a different meaning of success than your competitor. But there are principles that these people followed. The Human mind is always evolving and learning from past experience.

“If you want lasting change, you’ve got to give up this idea of ‘trying something.’ You’ve got to decide you’re going to commit-to-mastery. Most people dabble. They say, ‘I’d like to change my body,’ or ‘I’d like to make my relationship better.’ These people don’t have enough detail to follow-through.”Tony Robbins

Successful people studied what took the person before them to be at the top. And how is it that they are going to improve that, and put it into action for their own good. If a person has gone from level 1 to level 2, make sure you use the information from his inventory and use it to go level 2 and then figure out how to go to level 3. You may have heard of Tony Robbins. I am not promoting him here. But he is a successful coach and he has trained some great leaders and celebrities. He wasn’t like this when he started and didn’t plan on being a coach either. He learned with deep passion and then came out in the real-world to apply whatever he learned, only to master it, which brings us to…

Knowledge without implementation is time wasted.

If you learned a new trick, a new skill today, go out and apply it. Practice until you master it. Then move on to learn something new. Keep learning. Self-learning is the best way to learn. It is with passion and you enjoy your time of learning.

The trick to learning is to learn with deep passion. If you learn with immense passion and a teacher you will learn it much faster than you think.

Thank you for reading. Hope you loved it. Do click the heart to share love. And happy learning. 🙂


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