Syria Was Once Heaven

This is thought provoking and beautiful.

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Interview conducted by Sarah Squires, Communications Officer and Kamal Shbeir, Media and PR Manager / Photography by Richard Juilliart

Since the Syrian war began in 2011, more than one million people have fled to Lebanon seeking safety and shelter. Today Lebanon has the world’s largest number of refugees per capita. One in four people in Lebanon is a refugee.  

       (UNHCR, 2016)


You are standing in a room that is less than 15 square metres. A light bulb flickers overhead, throwing a harsh light across a room that in reality is no more than a box. Foam cushions form a makeshift sofa/bed, and although they should offer a brief respite as the day comes to an end, you feel the cold slabs beneath you as you lay you head down to rest. A television hums in the background barely drowning out the incessant whirring of a generator that sits…

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