I wake up every morning to help. Period.

I am a writer. What better can I bring to the society by writing? I mean there are people like Bill Gates and Elon Musk who are out there changing the world. They are working on another level of determination and work ethic.

I don’t deny that whatever they are doing is good for mankind. No. But even people as great as Bill Gates and Elon Musk read books. Even they read words written by another human being. They know the value of books. Books are the doors to a million living stories already lived by great people. They have faced the hardships and the failures and whatever they gained from their experiences they are willing to share it with all of us.

Elon Musk has created history and is on his way to change the future as well. But he did apply some fundamental life principles which made him this successful. He did all the smart and the hard work to reach where he is now. Now the problem is that people like us get curious and want to know how they did it? How is that they reached the top of the world? What was their mantra?

Here is where writers come into play. They interview these great people. They study their lifestyle. They dedicate themselves to study what principles are necessary to be successful in life. And they jot them down and make it easier for us to get it from the market for only a couple bucks. I mean how cheap is that. This is priceless and we are getting it for such a cheap rate.

They have worked their butts off for this success and have gone through all that pain and agony and frustration. Don’t mind my Grammar and punctuation today guys. Today it’s all about getting the idea out about writers. Why writers are being pushed down for sharing the most valuable knowledge in the whole world. And I know it’s not true completely. Writers do get recognized for their work.

Writers do get paid well. But do they do it for money? No. Then why do they do this? Why are some people willing to give everything to us and lose everything in their life so that they could sell a book to us for a few dollars?

When I wake up in the morning, I think about what good am I going to do today? Who is the person I am going to help today? What value can I bring to his/her life? So that when I go to bed tonight I will be satisfied with my day and hopefully my life.

Helping people is priceless. And some people are willing to do that for free. They know how it feels to fail. They know the feeling of regret and remorse. They have been there but they are kind enough to share with us on how to avoid such pitfalls. They don’t care about our religion, cast, color, ethnicity, or whatever BS that has separated humanity.

I chose to be a writer because I respect writers. I respect their way of seeing life. I respect their effort in sharing it with us.I believe true writers are the most sensible and understanding people among all of us. You know why? Because that is why I am reading their book. Because they have already understood me before I even read their book. They know what my problems are and what their solutions are.

So remember whenever you wake up in the morning next time, ask this to yourself:

What good am I going to do today?

And after the day:

What good have I done today?

Share your knowledge with us. Not because we need it or you need money. But because you want to. And if you are genuine in doing that, money will follow.

If you do like what I write please show a little love, and make sure to share it with your friends and family. It really helps. It helps me to write more for you guys.

Thank you for reading. Happy life. 🙂


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