How to get out of the ‘Creative Block’

My last post was two days ago. There are a couple of reasons for that:

I am busy with my University Project Review. I have been sleeping less than 4 hours in past two days.

But that doesn’t affect you when you are truly passionate about your dream.

I tried writing or coming up with an idea. But I couldn’t. My fingers wanted to write but my brain was not ready. I wanted to share but the content was empty. That is what you call a ‘creative block’. Or simply a ‘block’.

It is that part in your work where you don’t seem to come up with an idea and you are stuck in the strings of confusion and frustration. It is normal. Everybody is a prey. You try but the words just don’t come, the pen stops writing.

And it’s completely normal guys.

If you hit this moment you need to get your mind off of either your work or the way you are trying to solve the problem. The choice is yours to make as you know what and why of your work.

As Einstien said,

If you can’t solve a problem it’s because you are playing by the rules.

How to get out of this block?

Sometimes an idea structs when you are least expecting it to. Maybe you have a habit of working alone, go out. Take a look at the new shop opened across the street. Listen to classic today, not pop. Have noodles today instead of broccoli.

I’m not suggesting you what to eat or listen to. No.

Being stuck in a block is frustrating. Don’t let a temporary block, be the end of the road for your creative journey. Take your mind off your current way of thinking. Do something different. Whatever you like.  It will hit you. You will get out of the misery.

This effect is called the Einstellung effect.

According to this effect,

An idea you already have in mind, or your simple initial thought, prevents a better idea or solution from being found.

Let’s take an example.

A chess match between the legendary chess player Garry Kasparov and 13-year-old Magnus Carlsen ended in a draw.








You can see in the second image how Magnus left his seat and went roaming around looking at other players and their game. He did this every time he struck a block. He tried to get off his mind from the game to come up with a better solution every time.

And managed to tie his first round with the then-top-rated player of the world. He was knocked out of the tournament for losing the second round.

The Einstellung effect may be real but it’s also real that you can get out of it. Find your way. Your stimulus may be different than mine. Mine may be different than Magnus’s. Snap out of it.

Be creative. We need your creativity. And if you are not willing to then I suppose don’t. Let others do what you won’t because you read an excuse not to show up, on my blog.

If you do like what I write please show some love, and share it with your friends and family. It really helps. Helps me to write more for you guys.

Thank you for reading. Happy Life. 🙂


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