“Write what you know.”–Mark Twain


‘Samuel Langhorne Clemens’, also known by his pen name ‘Mark Twain’ was a respected entrepreneur, lecturer, and publisher of his time.

Write what you know — Mark Twain

I totally agree with Mr. Samuel here. When you do write what you know, you are being true to your audience. You are not making up any stories.

You are not living in any imagination. You write what you have been through and so the readers are also able to connect with you, your story and your feelings.

That in turns create trust among the readers and the author. You are credible to the people visiting your profile. I believe in my writing. And I know my readers are not stupid people. They are the best critics I have.

You guys like my post. That means you have read it. You are my valuable feedback. And that is more than everything a reader could ask for.

I mean where would be an author if it weren’t for the readers. You guys complete what we write.

You matter.

I will write more and more on this blog. Stay tuned for an authentic and interesting journey. Rock and Roll!

If you do like my post please show a little love, also share this with your friends and family. It helps. Helps me to write more. For you guys.

Thank you for reading. Happy Life. 🙂


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