My love for creativity!

I remember being in love with creativity, innovation, and making new stuff to the very beginning. I am a Software Engineer by profession but I love writing. Both were chosen for the same reason–>Creativity.

Software code allows me to implement anything on a computer or mobile platform. Have an idea? Code it. Publish it. And writing is all about creativity. You cannot write a single article all by yourself without being creative in that beautiful mind of yours.

Creating and innovating makes my soul tickle.

For example, you see the image below? I have been working on the interior design of my room just to not let go off my creativity.


You can see quotes, poetry, weird decorations, and the name of my favorite car company on the wall. Opposite to this wall, up on the ceiling is my another masterpiece (Not shown here).

Not just interior design, I am in love with making videos too. Yes. Again for the same reason. When creating videos you have to come up with new ideas every time or the audience loses attention.

I would love to share with you guys a screenshot of iMovie editing my video:


Creativity demands to be upgraded with every passing moment or at least remain consistent. You don’t want machines or other people to defeat you in the corporate world just because you couldn’t resonate with innovation.

Now, I haven’t created this blog because every other writer has. Heck, I don’t even know why. I am only sure about my writing. And sharing what I know with you.

As Mark Twain said,

Write What You Know.

My ambitions are great. My hopes high. I don’t expect. I make it happen. I believe in God. And I love you guys. For being here.

If you do like my post please show a little love by sharing it with your friends and family. It really helps. Helps me to write more. Please do comment if you think I can do better. I love criticism.

Thank You for reading. Happy Life.


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